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How to Sell your Home Quickly

How to Sell your Home Quickly

Monday 16th January 2023
Mel Connelly, Area Manager

How to sell your home quickly 🏡💨🤝

If you have found your dream home & haven't placed your property on the market yet then you need to act fast to get your property under offer to get the process moving. I cannot stress enough that your position is everything in the current climate. More often or not we are seeing clients not accepting any offers from vendors who still have a property to sell.🏡💨

Here are 5 tips to get your house on the market & under offer to reliable, qualified buyers:

✅ Get your property prepared to go on the market, declutter, freshen up paint work, ensure gardens are tidy and are gutters cleaned. First impressions are imperative to potential purchasers.
At Glow we will always be up honest & upfront should anything need to done to present the property in a better light. Prior to marketing your property its good to ask yourself would you buy your property?
We have assisted many sellers with access to our trades team at Glow, we can provide you with free quotes for any works that may benefit the property before it gets listed and get you the best possible outcome and price possible.

✅ Get your property on the market - Choose your estate agent wisely when selling your home, cheapest agents aren't always the best, there are a lot of commendable agents across Ayrshire that achieve amazing results, the competition is fierce so if you have property in Ayrshire there will a good few decent agents that will be able to work on your behalf. As I said first Immprsssions are everything, ensure your agent has a marketing strategy in place, how proactive are they in the local area?

Will you have the same negotiator all the way through the sale?

Where do they advertise?

Do they use professional photographer?

Do they have floor plans on offer?

How soon can your home report completed?

How soon can your property get listed on to the market?

Do they have a local office on a high street presence?

Do they work evening & weekends?

Are you confident they will conduct your viewings to the best of their ability at the property?

How much experience do they have within the Ayrshire market?

Check out their reviews or has someone recommended this agent?

These are all factors to consider when selecting an agent.

At Glow we meet all of the above criteria & can defer your home report & marketing fee until end of sale, we don't get paid until your sale is settled which makes us work super hard on your behalf.

✅ Be flexiable with viewing arrangements, Most people who are purchasing a property are working, which means viewings are usually conducting at the weekend or evenings, your agent should utilise your availability for access to the property.

✅ Price your Property Correctly

Make sure your home isn't over valued & do not list over home report value.
It is vital that your property is valued in line with the current market conditions, if a surveyor has over valued a property due to favouring over another agent this is not working in your best interest, we have seen this happen so many times within the local area. The property will sit with no interest let alone any offers coming in. Price your property in line with its value (we usually price our properties £5k under home report value) & if your home is worth over home report you will still achieve it, you are only going to achieve what someone is prepared to pay for your home.

✅ Qualified Buyers (Due Dilligience is Key 🔑) This is a really important factor to minimise risks of your sale falling through. Has your buyer sold? Got their property on the market? Have they even made tracks on selling their home?

Are they renting at the moment?

Are they first time buyers or fortunate enough to be cash purchasers?

Make sure due diligence is done on your buyer before you agree to accept an offer, any good estate agent will already have these facts before they book an appointment for an interested party to view your property.

At Glow we provide all the information to our sellers before they get through the door to view & if an offer is agreed there is a due diligence form for all offers agreed to fill out along with ID checks being carried out, anti money laundering (AML) checks carried out.

If you're looking for a pro-active agent to get your property on the market & sold, get in touch with the Glow ladies 🤝🏡